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still life

select figure and floral studies are available for purchase as a part of my two ongoing gallery series of gelatin silver prints ("flora and fauna" and "explorations"). each image is hand printed and mounted. "flora and fauna" is intended to be an overt homage to the work of edward weston, who has greatly influenced my own path in photography. "explorations" is a newly developing series of portraits and figure studies that examine various aspects of the so-called "alternative cultures" and sexuality.

*individuals offended by art can now*


this individually numbered series consists of only 2-5 prints (5"x7") per negative and will be very reasonably priced. the list below will expand as the series is completed. requests for printing of any image featured on this site at any size enlargement will be considered at a negotiated price. gallery showings of my work will be announced on this page.

Flora and Fauna: 5"x7" Gallery Series

oval nude

nude with shadow



blonde in black

nude with ring

figure v




body study 1

body study 2

body study 3

Explorations: 5"x7" Gallery Series

lumbar detail

c and g 1

c and g 2