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naked verse

michael "sandy" f.


knowing you

the season after
knowing you for the first time,
I tend my garden.
showing off the tomatoes,
I lend my neighbor a spade


late last night

we drank wine, and then
last night we shed salton tears,
ate over spilt blood,
remembered our age-old foes,
celebrated our free-ness



some said the internet
would replace the printed word
everyone would forget
how to read a book

hypertext would replace
that boorish index, and
instead of face to face
we'd have cybersex

screen to screen
the geeks have won? but
I'll have my fun
face to face, or

face to thigh, and
lips to flesh or
ear to eye, and
hand to breast

mouth to toe, i'll
let you know and
feel how actual reality
works. you'll see



i follow you with
my eyes
you stray from

my knees, distracted
by the brightly
colored books

in the shop
your mind wandering, hands
slip apart, you

look up some
moments later, up
someone else's coat

voyeur, i witness the
moment of
your disrecognition

tears quickly come
frantic, you call
I come to hugs

you are not ready
to leave me, my
eyes never left you

you strayed
from my knees



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